A recent industry survey stated that employees were 86% more likely to reach goals and objectives when a bucket list trip was the appreciation or reward. These same employees were also more likely to forego items like cash and cars to visit a destination they couldn’t otherwise attain on their own.


Travel, whether for leisure or work, solo or in a group, with friends, colleagues or strangers; teaches you about the world’s cultures, leads you down a path in history, takes you out of your element, shows you your inner strength, and can take you on a incredible journey of this world.


Experience Defined
Our unique, signature system will help you define the overall experience and goals of your trip so that we can assist you in narrowing down your destination and then the hotel.


Destination Selection
Where to Go – it’s the million-dollar question for every event! And with every corner of the world accessible, what will work best for your group? Because it worked well for a family vacation is not always the reason to take your customers or company.


Hotel Selection
Once a destination has been defined – where should your group stay?   Your overall goals for the trip also come in to play when selecting a hotel, a resort or boutique/exclusive experience. All are different for an incentive, an appreciation or a meeting and options range from a five star exclusive island to the Swiss Alps Chateau to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.