My Story

Growing up, my father would boast that he had my sister and I in a boat or a plane before we could walk and talk so it wasn’t a surprise to many that I had an insatiable appetite for travel. And it seemed only natural to eventually combine my loves of event planning and travel into one unique profession.


My event-planning career started more than 20 years on the steps of the Nation’s Capitol as the Georgia Scheduler for US Senator Paul Coverdell. Throughout the years, I ventured into other sectors of the government as a lobbyist, campaigns, nonprofits, and then in the manufacturing world. Each one built on the other in terms of marketing, public relations, and event planning before I decided I wanted to take time off to spend with my growing family.


In 2002, I decided I was going to teach myself everything there was to know about the travel industry. It was a natural fit, since I was always on the go and always wanting to visit new places, people and things. Within a year or two I developed the concept of combining my love of travel with destination event planning, hence the birth of my third child: Vibrant Travel Solutions – a third party destination planning service.


The sole purpose of Vibrant is to create a personalized, unique approach to each event, incentive or appreciation trip where the one-of-kind experience will deepen the relationship between your employees or clients in a way that will benefit your company. Within one phone call, I am able to intuitively see your vision that you would like to create for your colleagues and your customers. Each incentive, meeting or appreciation event is authentically created from our unique and inner knowing of what drives a person to travel.


“The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement,” – Charles Schwab


The saying goes “you never truly know someone until you travel with them,” so what better way to create a one-of-a-kind bonding and appreciation experience with your clients or employees than at the top of Machu Picchu, the Amalfi Coast, Iceland or the Great Wall of China. It is here you are away from the demands of everyday life. It is here you truly find out what makes a person tick when they are out of their “element” and completely out of their comfort zone. By capturing this amazing insight on a trip, you can use it as a launching pad for better results when you return to the office.


Our formula is simple, but 100% effective in creating your incentive or appreciation program: E+R=O. It’s the unique experience we create + the relationships developed while traveling = the Outcome. And we find out what you want the outcome to be before we even start the process. Whether you want to motivate employees, decrease turnover, increase client retention and sales, offer a reward or focus on brand loyalty – it’s the shared experience that deepens a relationship so that it will offer a phenomenal outcome for both parties. We are Experience Creators.


Vibrant: adjective – means lively, pulsating with vigor and energy, exciting.

Travel: verb – to go from one place to another, journey.

Appreciation: noun – a feeling of being grateful for something; an ability to understand the worth, quality or importance of something.


Travel is on 99% of individual bucket lists. It’s one of the few investments that lasts a lifetime. So whether you are investing in yourself to explore the world, or investing in your company to build a better team, appreciate clients and employees, reward for a great product, or create a trusted brand, Vibrant Travel Solutions is your answer.